Get to Know

Tabitha Hippolyte

Born and raised in Atlanta, specifically Gresham Park, Tabitha is an alumna of Georgia State University who has been in sales for years, most recently working for a Fortune 500 company until deciding to invest time in another challenging sales field while also helping make people's real estate goals become their reality.

While originally working as a part-time agent, it was abundantly clear that Tabitha's personal story of homeownership could empower other potential clients to buy their first homes. Tabitha's goal of creating a business that would allow the opportunity to help the community and be profitable has come to fruition. 

Real estate can be a very emotional practice however, Tabitha makes dreams tangible and delivers smiles! Her first priority is to get your vision and provide a blueprint to create that reality. A bulk of The Hippolyte Group transactions include clients who are looking for their first home or venturing out into acquiring assets through income-producing or investment properties. That goal can come in many options however, Tabitha’s practice is to educate you so that you can make the right decision for you. Learn more about Tabitha, The Hippolyte Group, and their dedication to educating and assisting clients by scheduling a consult today!