1995 H1 Hummer For Sale
Show and Go - 454 BB Chevy

H1 Hummer bought from a Hummer dealer
Not a converted HMMWV


  • Brushed aluminum 12 inch wide 16.5-inch rim wheels and chrome anti-theft Pike lug nuts.
  • New TSR Super Swampers 15 wide / 39.5 tall x 16.5 rim tires with knobbies still showing, less than 7 miles.
  • New Champion Polished Super Cool 3 core aluminum radiator.
  • New California Customs Digital 199mph speedometer, stock one only went to 100 mph.
  • Mad Dog built 4L80 Automatic 4 speed Transmission.
  • Thermostat controlled heater and A/C system.
  • Black hi-gloss lacquer paint with ghosted prismatic flames on hood, front fenders and doors.
  • Power Steering and Power Brakes.
  • Electric window lifts and electric locking / unlocking doors.
  • Intermittent wipers.
  • CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) controls air pressure from the dashboard.


  • Registered as a 6.2L diesel with 190hp but converted to a gas powered big block Chevy with ~520 hp.
  • Pro-1 (Conyers, GA) built seasoned 454 big block bored .030 over to 463 ci. not yet broken in.
  • Fully balanced Keith Black forged aluminum 14:1 pop-up pistons.
  • Ported, blue-printed and pin fitted 110cc chamber heads reducing compression to 10.5:1 to run on pump gas.
  • Shot-peened and magnafluxed GM (HD pink) rods, forged steel crank balanced within a gnat’s ass.
  • Comp Cams RV Roller cam, Roller Lifters with .511 lift and 218 duration 114 lobe separation.
  • Comp Thumpr Roller Hydraulic Lifters and double molybdenum 7/16 inch push-rods.
  • Stainless steel valves, heavy-duty springs and titanium retainers. 
  • Dual row timing chain and polished aluminum timing chain cover.
  • Polished aluminum valve covers, aluminum carburetor helmet.
  • Edelbrock 870 cfm 4brl carburetor with manual choke.
  • MSD Pro Billet Distributor with brass gear for roller cams and MSD spark plug wires.
  • MSD 6 AL Ignition System with adjustable RPM limiter.
  • Electric fuel pump, accessible fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator (7 psi), and fuel pressure gauge.
  • Hi volume oil pump and dual oil filters.
  • Aluminum deep sump oil pan.
  • Serpentine belt system.
  • None of this is necessary but I have EPD (Excessive Personality Disorder).


  • Oversized tires and Dick Cepeck flared fenders painted to match.
  • New Predator Leather Seats and new Hummer floor mats.
  • Custom wood dashboard trim panels.
  • Aftermarket light weight Flex Engine Cooling Fan
  • 4-Speed Custom built 4L80 Mad Dog Automatic Transmission with manual shifting.
  • Android 9” Auto touch screen radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS, video and Android apps.
  • Thumping Dual 10” woofers under the rear seats, 100w amplifier under the passenger seat.
  • Straight thru muffler with excellent sound and limited restriction.
  • LED headlights and running lights with Bedazzle RGB effects controlled by the Android Auto.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Grant wood simulated steering-wheel.
  • Molded fiberglass filled poly propylene hood.
  • Locking glove box with pop-up drink holders.
  • Padded interior.
  • Rear heat and A/C system.
  • Seatback storage pockets.
  • Driver and passenger door side pockets.


  • 130 inch wheelbase.
  • 100-amp alternator.
  • 2.73 axle ratio.
  • 25-gallon fuel tank.
  • 2-speed transfer case.
  • Hummer Front Bumper / Push Guard.
  • Aluminum alloy doors.
  • 4-wheel hydraulic inboard mounted power disc brakes.
  • 4-wheel independent doubleA frame suspension with heavy duty open end coil springs.
  • Full-time 4WD.
  • Geared hubs – 1.92 ratio.
  • Heavy Duty hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Power assisted variable ratio steering.
  • Steel box section frame with multiple crossmembers.
  • Torque-biasing differentials.